swamp railroad

                                                 PHOTO OVERKILL!!

 All these photos are from the park Sunday.

 Do you see Megan running away from the pretend train? Well... Let me tell you a little story.

 The entire 10 minutes we were at the railroad tracks, we kept joking with each other about a train coming. At one point, I am looking at Camille.
"You guys. There is a TRAIN coming....... and I AM NOT KIDDING!"
We beginning racing back to the car when I realize I had left my keys on the metal railroad railing. I darted back trying to remember the exact some I left them. Although it was still a distance back, I kept imagining the entire train going off the tracks because of my keys.
Keys in my hand, we ran back towards the car.
 Best work out ever.
I stopped a few feet from the car, and Megan shouted from behind me, "KEEP GOING!". If I make this a habit, I want her as my motivational coach.
Just as we closed the doors to the car, the train whizzed past us.

After all that, I don't understand why it was so important that we made it to our car. I guess we didn't go deaf from the train's horn.


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