Monday, January 31, 2011


I'm a vegetarian.
It really isn't that hard, or a inconvenience. I struggle with self control, so I'm glad that meat is another thing I don't have to fight against eating to much of. Also, I've gained a lot of weight in the last couple of years- probably because I eat a lot of sugar, then fatty junk food, then bread. I love vegetables and fruits, but don't eat them as much, probably because often they require preparation.

I've decided I'm going to try and eat more veggies, and healthier. I like my lunches to be quick, easy, and light. I can do it. I've gotten a couple of ideas:

A simple black bean, tomato/salsa, corn, guacamole.

Or I could make a salad with chickpeas, guacamole, oil and carrots.

What about a soup? I can make some broth and just add beans and frozen veggies.

Chickpeas are good with salt and lime juice.

As you see, I really love beans, and I need them too.

I eat so much fattening food. I need to stop!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Update on my skin home remedies.

I let my clove concoction dry on the face. I love it!! After 15-25 minutes, I rinsed it off. I must say, I love it! My face felt clean, yet moisturized. I haven't decided if it's just my mind, but I felt like my scars /had/ gotten smaller and my face was less red! So I used it the next morning. It did burn a bit, maybe because the cloves had time to sit.

I like it better then my natural face wash, so I've used it everyday! I think I will continue switching between the two. Storing it will be a pain, I think. I don't want to have a ton of it made, and I think it has to be kept refrigerated.

Ah. I have been longing for a simple beautiful 40's dress. :/ maybe someday.

Friday, January 21, 2011


My face has always been a struggle. In junior high, it was horrid. The last couple of years its seemed to be better, since I've been using this organic oil based facial cleansers (like the OCM), but it still isn't perfect. I still get a pimple and/or red spots regularly. Also, my acne scars make it seem a lot worse. The only make-up I can'y go without wearing would be concealer, placed on my T-zone.
So I had been looking online for home remedies to light and help with scars and such.
Last night I mix a few ground aspirins with baking soda and lemon juice. It was very liquidy, and difficult to apply. Also, after it dried, the baking soda starting falling off my face, leaving a white drift everywhere. It was also very drying, I don't know if I had just noticed this, or if it accented it, but it seemed I had huge wrinkles on my forehead! I am hoping it didn't cause it. Or maybe I am, who wants to have a wrinkly forehead at 17?

Tonight I am trying a mixture of powder milk, cloves, honey, yogurt and lemon juice. It was soo much easier to apply, not as messy, but still a bit to liquidy. So far it seems to be well. I feel it getter tighter as it drives. Makes me feel refreshed too, like it is doing something. It may just be the cloves. Or maybe it's something else!

I guess I can't expect a miracle, but I hope to clear my skin up. I long to be able to go all natural, without worrying!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


If I had a talent, it'd be loosing/misplacing/forgetting things. Twice, since I've gotten my license I've left the car lights on. I had been trying so hard to prove my capability! I've misplaced my adorable colored hair barrettes, a slip, and my mp3 player.

I'm not much of a morning person, I think better at night (till 11pm or so). I have a long waking up transition, and I don't like getting up early. Actually, I do, when it is quiet and I don't have to think, and I can  be outside. Dawn is such a beautiful time, watching the earth around you wake up and transform. I love it.

to much to say.

I set my hair in foam rollers a couple nights ago. I hadn't done it in awhile because, well, it didn't really turn out. More of an 80's afro. I was so frustrated.

I was quite happy today! Not perfect yet. When I started brush this time, it did the same thing, and I was terrified. I started wondering if it was the way I set it. But it really is all about the brushing technique! I had been scared to brush it to much, it seemed it would brush all the curl away, but if you brush against your hand, you can shape the curl.
Speaking of hair, my sister colored mine again around Christmas. I love red hair. I've always adored Anne (of Green Gables) and her natural red hair, freckles and green eyes. I never know how my sister gets my bangs to do that! they always end up to the side of my forehead.

 So a week ago I went to Goodwill with a couple of friends. Quite hesitantly I bought a dress. I think it may be from the 80's, although I really am not sure. It was a bit big, so I tied in tight in the back. Now i can't reach with my arms very far, and the sleeves are still huge.
 It came with shoulder-pads, which I am not particularly fond of. So I took them out. I had just read a blog post where someone was talking about over-sized bows, so it got me thinking.
I improvised. Yes, I still need to perfect it, see that bit of ribbon sticking out?
All my friends thought it was amazing that it was made out of a shoulder pad. I'm just glad they couldn't tell. :P 
See that knot?  When I have time I am going to work on making the ribbon look neater. I love those ^ barrettes. Not many people wear them, but they are so good at keeping my hair back!
I haven't gotten up the nerve to wear just the dress today, so I am wearing a skirt over it today. It may looks silly, and I still feel self-conscience. 
I was talking to someone yesterday about trend-setting and such. I do have a different style then most, and it shows. But I'd never be able to be a trend-setter. Rather then going forward in fashion, I go backwards. Although, fashion is a cycle, isn't it? I don't like sticking out too much, I fear what people will think or say. I can go to a certain point (which changes depending on the day's circumstances- for instance, being at youth dressed differently is harder then being around my friends), but I don't go to the extent I'd like to. I admire the people who go full-out, complete, vintage, and the people who dare to dress up often, and be abnormal. My perfect wardrobe would be vintage, a mix of vintage and modern, with a few casual pieces. I have to admit, I like to wear sweatpants and jeans on cold winter days when I'm just doing school at home. Another blog I admire is Liebe Marlene. So gorgeous! I wish I could have her wardrobe also.

Also, I just realized that most of my pictures are sideways. I'm sorry!