I'm a vegetarian.
It really isn't that hard, or a inconvenience. I struggle with self control, so I'm glad that meat is another thing I don't have to fight against eating to much of. Also, I've gained a lot of weight in the last couple of years- probably because I eat a lot of sugar, then fatty junk food, then bread. I love vegetables and fruits, but don't eat them as much, probably because often they require preparation.

I've decided I'm going to try and eat more veggies, and healthier. I like my lunches to be quick, easy, and light. I can do it. I've gotten a couple of ideas:

A simple black bean, tomato/salsa, corn, guacamole.

Or I could make a salad with chickpeas, guacamole, oil and carrots.

What about a soup? I can make some broth and just add beans and frozen veggies.

Chickpeas are good with salt and lime juice.

As you see, I really love beans, and I need them too.

I eat so much fattening food. I need to stop!


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