Wednesday, May 23, 2012

swirls of mint about her skin

 I do get dressed up still. Most days it is nice gray, black or white for work. Not having much creativity with color doesn't encourage me to take photos though.
I finished my semester well! I wish I had a good reason for the blogging break. However, I am in a lethargic stage. Is it okay to take naps everyday? Don't answer that. :)

We are leaving over the weekend for a vacation. I am excited to feel the sun warming my skin and to have the playful smiles of children brighten my day.
rest in peace sunglasses, rest well in the deep depths of the rolling ocean waves.

Thanks to Felicity for the photos!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

summer sun

Less then a week of school left. I have been longing for summer and sun. I know I will be working more, but it should be less stressful. I am also so excited with what I will be able to get done. Here are some of my goals:

Run. Run consistently (4-5 days a week). Run farther (4+miles).
Spend time reading and writing
Being creative and consistent with blogging
Limit my sugar intake
Practice piano and guitar
Get away for a day or two, just me.
Spend more time with God
Keep my room and bathroom clean.
Help out around the house.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

last day

When Vaew would talk with food in her mouth, Pan pan would be quick to correct.These two hadn't know each other more then a few days, but they already seemed like siblings. it was quite funny. vaew is quieter, sweet and cute and pan pan is dramatic, a bit of a perfectionist and funny. and of course they both are so much more.


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during pan pan's last day of visiting, we went to Chick-fil-a and then headed to The Hunger Games. Sometime I am going to tell  you about Pan pan's movie emotions. :)

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I am sad she is gone already, but I also am rejoicing that I got to see what God has been doing in her life! I really thankful God placed her in Wisconsin this year, his plan is always perfect. I am also thankful she will be going to school in Missouri next year, it will be a bit closer, so maybe a road trip is in store?