last day

When Vaew would talk with food in her mouth, Pan pan would be quick to correct.These two hadn't know each other more then a few days, but they already seemed like siblings. it was quite funny. vaew is quieter, sweet and cute and pan pan is dramatic, a bit of a perfectionist and funny. and of course they both are so much more.


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during pan pan's last day of visiting, we went to Chick-fil-a and then headed to The Hunger Games. Sometime I am going to tell  you about Pan pan's movie emotions. :)

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I am sad she is gone already, but I also am rejoicing that I got to see what God has been doing in her life! I really thankful God placed her in Wisconsin this year, his plan is always perfect. I am also thankful she will be going to school in Missouri next year, it will be a bit closer, so maybe a road trip is in store?


  1. haha, i remember she started crying at that pirate movie we saw last year. haha it wasn't even sad. i miss that girl.


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