Monday, January 28, 2013

Aaron Swartz

I have been an emotional mess lately!

First the fire at the club in Brazil, resulting in the death of almost 250 people. Looking at photos, thinking of the amount of people grieving and affected, imagining being in that situation... I cried, and prayed.

Today, for homework, I was researching Aaron Swartz. I didn't know anything about him, but I'm in awe of him, his talent, his courage.

I think this article is fantastic, I love how he doesn't deny that what Aaron Swartz did, if he did it, was wrong, but he recognizes the need for grace, and keeping things in proportion. If the hope is taken away from someone, if it looks like there is no point, something is wrong.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

it's time!

It is time for a new post!!

I feel like I had to write this one. The last few days have been a whirlwind. Actually, the last couple of months have been wild.

Pan pan came to visit from Missouri. It was a great deal of fun and joy. When she was here a couple of years ago, we were reaching out to her. She is now our sister in Christ and encouraging me. She got to share what God has been doing in her life, how she has seen Him place people in her life and pursue her. I worked and ran around town and stayed up late. I was exhausted, spent a lot of money, and didn't have much spare time, but it was worth it.

After starting the Spring semester as well as going country dancing at a bar a couple of times (a first for me!), my sleep schedule has been officially screwed. We finished up the bible studying we were doing with the junior high girls over the book of James. I am amazed at how much God used that bible study not only in the girls' lives, but also my own. I've felt convicted of many things and I have been trying to pursue God and His Will.

I want to summarize today. I woke up on 5.5 hours of sleep. I got to school and found out my class was cancelled! What? First ever! I got a lot done though, reading for English and Intro to Computers. May I just say, I just about died reading for English.

 The Tell-Tale Heart: A story about a man who plots and then follows through with the murder of a man. Why? The man's eye bothered and irked him. Fall of the House of Usher: A story about an eerie and seemingly alive house and the man who lives in it. He dies after his sister who was buried alive falls on him. Porphyria's Lover: A story about a man who strangles his lover with her hair. A Good Man Is Hard To Find: A story about a crazy grandma and her family as they take a trip. She causes them to get in an accident, to then come face to face with 'The Misfit', and they all are shot to death. Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? A story about a girl who is approached by a stalker after her family leaves. His age and his looks are deceptive at first. He takes her away, to be become his lover and to probably die.

A break was needed after reading these stories. I went and helped at a college bible study booth at our school. I meet a couple of very friendly and talkative people. After finishing and working on some schoolwork, I went into the commons to read. I had just started when a guy walks over, smiles, and sits down on the adjacent couch. After asking if I was in his way, I continued reading. A minute later, he asked me how I was.

"I'm good. Are you taking classes here?"
"Yeah. Lists a few classes, including microeconomics."
"Microeconomics? Sounds difficult"
"I like business, so yeah."
"I want to go into business too, I am thinking."
"Really?? I have another friend here who can talk to you. He should be here soon"

He whips out his phone and starts making a phone call.

Man... He really jumped on that... I won't die if I don't get to speak to this friend. This is awkward.

A second later, he jumped up and left. I spotted my friend who I had been waiting for. Heading towards her, I saw the same guy talking to his business friend. However, I needed to meet with my friend first. It was neat being able to meet her boyfriend, friend and to catch up. I ran to speak with my Intro to Computers professor, and he ended up being very talkative and giving me countries I could work in, programs I could attend, photography courses I could take. On the way back to the commons, I saw Joseph again, and stopped. I met his two friends, and starting talking to one of them about churches and a ministry he is starting.

Finally, I got back around to the guy I was suppose to talk to about business. I sat down and talked to Bree, Bryan and their friend.

What the heck is this? I thought we were just going to talk about what we are both majoring in. Maybe it is a club? No... It sounds like a seminary or a training program.

Turns out it was a business called ACN. He was wanting to recruit me to join it. He went through the basis of the company, how it operates and the values the company holds. I couldn't always follow his vocabulary, but I could tell he was passionate. Very very passionate. He showed me different calculations he had preformed and research he had discovered. Also exciting, he was a brother in Christ and he talked about how this company was able to be a tool for him, as well as what God had been doing in his life.

Between the Joseph, Samantha, Professor Aguilar, Bryan, Richard, L-named guy, Eric, Joseph's friend 1, Joseph's friend 2, friendly couch neighbor, Camille's classmates, I felt like I was slapped upside the head with new names, new faces, new situations. It was just a very abnormal, peculiar day. I pray that I served God well and that He used this day for His Glory.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

oh brother

My brother made me laugh and thank God for him in my life.

I convinced him (fairly quickly) to make cookies with me. When I asked if I could roll the dough with my hands, he promptly responded that I couldn't, however HE could, because he has done it before.

We were talking about instagram, because I wanted to post a picture of him. In our conversation, he asked if I had my account on private. Heck, I wasn't even sure if I had finally put up a profile picture! A few minutes later, he asked me to get into the settings menu, then showed me how to turn my account on private. "It is unsafe for you."

My heart melted with his brotherly, protective words. Understand please, my brother isn't sentimental or a people-pleaser. Our daily comeback wars are pretty amusing, but I consider them a compliment and a statement of affection from my brother. He is actually getting quite skilled at them as well.

As I ate my lunch, I read the notebook on the table in front of me. It was my brother's school book. Each day, he is told to write about something, and to try to apply different writing techniques to it as he writes.A dry sense of humor glimmers through the sentences. All the random details that stand out to him, even his choice of wording, makes me laugh. He is no longer a four-year-old, I guess.

As he was going to bed, he came into my bedroom. A goodnight hug? No. He wanted help with his lizard. Not just any help, but in the area of money. He needs a FIVE FOOT cage. UH. Slightly suspicious. ;-) So, was all of the day planned to lead to this? Probably not, but he is a goofball.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mi Ropa Favorita


Mi Ropa Favorita

Llevo vestidos en la universidad, en mi casa y con mis amigos. Tengo un vestido favorito. El vestido

 favorito es amarillo y blanco. El material es de algodon. Este vestido es mi favorito porque cuesta

 solo tres dolares. Una ganga! El vestido no es de ultima moda, pero es muy jieja. Uso el vestido casi 

nunca porque tiene cincuenta anos! Pero no quiero comprar un vestido nuevo. Me gusta la ropa vieja

 porque creo que la ropa vieja es comodo, y prefiero la ropa elegante, sofisticada y bonita, Este 

vestido puede estimula un poco creatividad, porque es amarillo, pero creo qque el color blanco

 provoca reacciones seceros. Mis anuelos estan en Minnesota o estan muertos, pero cuando mira el 

vestido, deseo hablar con ellos.  

My professor liked my paper. Not to brag, at all. In fact, it was difficult because I remember feeling like I had hit a block when I began this project. As the paper evolved, my 'dress' actually turned into a combination of 3 different dresses I own and I made up certain 'details'. She asked to know more about what the dressed looked like. I made up a beautiful, vague description. She asked if I would wear it sometime. I am sure the look on my face said it all, but I think I lied and told her I might try and wear it. The description I had just given definitely ruled out my only vintage yellow dress!