oh brother

My brother made me laugh and thank God for him in my life.

I convinced him (fairly quickly) to make cookies with me. When I asked if I could roll the dough with my hands, he promptly responded that I couldn't, however HE could, because he has done it before.

We were talking about instagram, because I wanted to post a picture of him. In our conversation, he asked if I had my account on private. Heck, I wasn't even sure if I had finally put up a profile picture! A few minutes later, he asked me to get into the settings menu, then showed me how to turn my account on private. "It is unsafe for you."

My heart melted with his brotherly, protective words. Understand please, my brother isn't sentimental or a people-pleaser. Our daily comeback wars are pretty amusing, but I consider them a compliment and a statement of affection from my brother. He is actually getting quite skilled at them as well.

As I ate my lunch, I read the notebook on the table in front of me. It was my brother's school book. Each day, he is told to write about something, and to try to apply different writing techniques to it as he writes.A dry sense of humor glimmers through the sentences. All the random details that stand out to him, even his choice of wording, makes me laugh. He is no longer a four-year-old, I guess.

As he was going to bed, he came into my bedroom. A goodnight hug? No. He wanted help with his lizard. Not just any help, but in the area of money. He needs a FIVE FOOT cage. UH. Slightly suspicious. ;-) So, was all of the day planned to lead to this? Probably not, but he is a goofball.


  1. haha!! this reminds me of the time my cousin told me he should drive(on the farm) because he was a better driver..I giggled and simply stated that that was doubtful since I almost had my license and had been driving on the farm since i was little.. he so quickly came back with "but I have more Experience." all i could do was laugh. Its funny the perspective of a ten year old.

  2. I have missed reading your sweet, yet thoughtful posts!!!


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