My face has always been a struggle. In junior high, it was horrid. The last couple of years its seemed to be better, since I've been using this organic oil based facial cleansers (like the OCM), but it still isn't perfect. I still get a pimple and/or red spots regularly. Also, my acne scars make it seem a lot worse. The only make-up I can'y go without wearing would be concealer, placed on my T-zone.
So I had been looking online for home remedies to light and help with scars and such.
Last night I mix a few ground aspirins with baking soda and lemon juice. It was very liquidy, and difficult to apply. Also, after it dried, the baking soda starting falling off my face, leaving a white drift everywhere. It was also very drying, I don't know if I had just noticed this, or if it accented it, but it seemed I had huge wrinkles on my forehead! I am hoping it didn't cause it. Or maybe I am, who wants to have a wrinkly forehead at 17?

Tonight I am trying a mixture of powder milk, cloves, honey, yogurt and lemon juice. It was soo much easier to apply, not as messy, but still a bit to liquidy. So far it seems to be well. I feel it getter tighter as it drives. Makes me feel refreshed too, like it is doing something. It may just be the cloves. Or maybe it's something else!

I guess I can't expect a miracle, but I hope to clear my skin up. I long to be able to go all natural, without worrying!


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