Update on my skin home remedies.

I let my clove concoction dry on the face. I love it!! After 15-25 minutes, I rinsed it off. I must say, I love it! My face felt clean, yet moisturized. I haven't decided if it's just my mind, but I felt like my scars /had/ gotten smaller and my face was less red! So I used it the next morning. It did burn a bit, maybe because the cloves had time to sit.

I like it better then my natural face wash, so I've used it everyday! I think I will continue switching between the two. Storing it will be a pain, I think. I don't want to have a ton of it made, and I think it has to be kept refrigerated.

Ah. I have been longing for a simple beautiful 40's dress. :/ maybe someday.


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