darkening denim

I've been feeling very... crafty lately. :)

Yesterday I took an old pair of capris I was considering getting rid of and dyed them. They were a very very light blue that was unflattering on me.

I'm terribly forgetful. Thus, no good before pictures.
The box of dye does have instructions on the inside, so this is just my process/take on it.

Start with some Rit dye. After looking at Walgreens and Hobby Lobby, I picked some up at Kroger for close to $2.50.

Since this project could be messy, I decided to do as much as possible outside.

Take 3 gallons of water, added 1 cup of salt and a bit of Ajax detergent and then boiled/microwaved it. Plan to wait quite a while.

Pour the hot water into a large rubbermaid storage bin.

Take a smaller container of any sort (I used an old salsa jar) and pour two cups of hot water into it. Add the package of dye. Stir and let dissolve. Add into hot water bath.

Wet your fabric thoroughly and then submerse into the dye bath. 
I used a glove and moved around the capris for maybe 10-15 minutes. 

Take them out carefully and rinse them out till the water runs clear. I tried to do this step outside with a hose and it seemed a little difficult, so make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing. :)  I then washed and dried them inside.

Haha, I know these pictures make it seem like two completely different objects, but it was just different lighting. I really like the way they turned out, and am already wearing them!

Anyway, just wanted to show you!



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