accident balloon

                         I spent this last weekend with some friends, and it was fun!
 If you haven't been to Which Wich before, you need to. So good!
 Do you remember, in the first Princess Diaries, Mia and her mother painted as a hobby, but with darts? I've always thought that looked like fun, and had bought supplies for it a couple of months ago. We finally got to try it! :)


 This is potentially a messy activity. I recommend doing it outside, and wearing junk-y clothes. (Although, I find it strange that Megan is the only one who had 'accidents')

It also involves pointy objects. There is a risk of hurting yourself.

To continue:
1) Paint. We used acrylic/permanent. No reason behind this.
2) Balloons. We used decorators. Also no reason behind this. They were rather difficult to blow up though.
4) Darts.  I had purchased soft tipped and metal tipped. Metal tipped are recommended.
6)Object to paint

We took a balloon, blew it up and then released the air. We then squirted paint into the balloon. This took some time to figure out. We did it two different ways. The first we had one person stretch and hold the balloon open with two or three of their fingers, and another person squirt paint into the balloon. This method got less paint on the neck/rim, thus less paint on our mouth.
Or we  just tried to carefully squirt it directly in.

We then blew them up again. Do not inhale air through your mouth while doing this step. Also, during the first few tries we got paint on our mouths.
 We had purchased a roll of cork-board to paint, and pinned the balloons too it using two pins.
Try to only pin the 'neck' of the balloon.
As you can see from the next picture, we soon realized that we needed something underneath the cork-board to keep the darts from tearing through the cork-board. We placed cardboard under it, which help a great deal.
We didn't have anything to lean/place the cork-board upright against, so we just kept in on the grass and stood on my patio and threw the darts down at the cork-board.
It was work, and we learned a long the way, but it was a lot of fun and we'd do it again in the future, but more prepared.


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