Okay, I have been searching for my camera the last two days. I cannot figure out where I could have placed it! I lost it within a small time frame, and I know it has to be in our house. Hopefully I'll find it soon.

I stumbled upon some blogs in the last week that have really made me think, and question myself. 
I believe when I started this blog, I was hoping to become like the other style bloggers I admired, to have lovely followers and amazing pictures and giveaways and etc. 

I held myself back from being completely myself. 

God is important to me. To live for Him with a surrendered life and to strive to be more like Christ are important to me. To glorify Him is my goal. If that is the top priority in my life, why did I try and keep that separate from my blog? So I could achieve earthly goals? May God penetrate all areas of my life! May I completely give everything to Him!

From now on, I will try and be myself. I will still show outfits, some pictures of my day, but I don't want to put myself into a box. To not strive for an earthly fame with this blog, to be myself, to allow myself to speak of God's greatness everywhere, at all times.



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