up the escalater

 Yesterday I went shopping with my friend Jessica. We were both pretty tired after awhile. :)

 I love this picture, she is so beautiful!

Also had my first Orange Leaf. Uh-mazing! Somewhat pricey, but oh so good... I think I am going to be having dreams about it...


  1. oh Bethany! i love these pictures :)
    Fave Memories from that day:
    The lady who stared at us at we were sitting on the escalator, taking crazy pictures, the orange leaf was auh-mazing..but the BEST part was hanging with an awesome friend (pssst..thats you).

  2. Ohdear, are you okay with having these photos up here?

    :) It was such a fun day, we need orange leaf soon!

    Aw!! Thank you bunches!

  3. yeah, its fine.
    just try to keep my last name out of things if possible


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