There was so much I wanted to post today... now I cannot remember anything!

I want more of God.

I have a job offer. The way it came about amazes me, it seems so orchestrated by God!

However, we need someone to cover for me when I am at school. This has begun to worry me.  

I am a worrier by nature. I always analyze possible situations, and all the possible negatives weigh me down. So much so, that I don't take initiative. I want perfection.

As I keep wondering and worrying about this job situation, and try to think of someone who would want to work with me, and how quickly I will learn how to preform my tasks, I felt burdened.

But God has placed several things on my heart.

The first was about how well I'd do at this job. He quietly reminds me that I am His. I will make mistakes, but when I do, I must give them to Him, and continue striving to do a good job and be a good Ambassador.

Turn your burdens over to the LORD, and he will take care of you. He will never let the righteous person stumble. Psalms 55:22 (God's Word Translation)

I've been in prayer and praise over this job, I would appreciate it if others joined me!  As I pray about it, I do have a peace. When I remember how this opportunity arose, I remember God is in control. He will provide someone.


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