the hazy sky

I can't find my camera. :/

But that isn't important right now. As many of you may know, Texas has been dealing with a lot of fires lately. I'm 15-20 minutes away from one. I hadn't really worried about it, because it was on the outside of the other side of town.

It is hard to hear of everyone who has been evacuated and those that have lost houses. They were able to save 2 1/2 houses in one neighborhood. However, the community has been amazing and really pulled together. Also, some people have come to know Christ through this.

It got me thinking about how much value I place on possessions, and whether or not I'd be able to give those up, everything up, like Job. Do I trust that God is working in the midst of a crisis? Does Christ really satisfy all my needs?

My dad wants us to pack an emergency suitcase. It has gotten me worried. To give all my worry to Him, to trust Him alone!


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