stirring up autumnal thoughts

 This is a picture (that needs to be cropped. that frown also needs to switch directions) from when I was taking pictures for future Ebay listings. Since then, I haven't decided when I will part with this skirt, I love its uniqueness. I wore it today. :)
Speaking of today, I feel like I got a glimpse of Autumn for the first time this year. Strong, unusual, refreshing winds that wrapped around me and left me excited. It also gave me a stronger desire to find a blazer to add to my wardrobe.

I cannot believe it has just been the first week of school. My nervousness is gone and I am excited about these classes (excepting the Lab in Chemistry). I don't mind homework  and studying so much, I just hope my new job won't make it difficult to find time to study. During this week, I've seen and realized a few things
about myself. May I give all my insecurities to Him who gives me strength.

Anyone else started school?


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