hair journey

 Having a hairdresser in the family is wonderful, making new hair affordable. I like the change and fun involved in getting my hair done. Although, sometimes I do long for my natural hair. I remember bragging that I had never dyed my hair before. I think my first time to dye all of my hair was around a year and a half ago.
 I have the same thoughts on hair-dying and makeup. I am love my hair natural. I am happy with what God has blessed me with. I can go without makeup (although sometimes it is hard) and feel beautiful. I have fun and enjoy doing my makeup and hair. I don't need too. I am not trying to change myself, or cover myself. I am not deriving my self-confidence from it. I am a daughter of a king. I am God's beloved. I am His lamb. I am a work of art.
 I have to say, this was the scariest hair-cut ever. I never really mind getting my hair cut. Hair grows. She cut 3 inches of my hair, but I know it won't get much longer then this for awhile.


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