I almost didn't post this. It seemed like too trivial and silly of an afternoon. Who wants to read my boring posts? Then I realized, this blog is for /me/. I enjoyed this afternoon and these people. I need to realize it is on the web, and public, but I am not posting in order to get people to like me, or to follow my blog. I am doing it because I enjoy it. I know I will fall back into worrying or lose focus on why I blog, but I hope I always catch myself quickly.
                                                  Isn't she beautiful?
 This was a week before Christmas. Our church and other churches in the area donate food twice a year, before Thanksgiving and Christmas. We give boxes filled with food and deliver them to families in need, as a way to serve the community. We had finished packing the food in boxes, so we decided to go to the park and spent time together. We all are trying not to spend money, which is wonderful. I think going to the park beats going to the movies anyday.


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