Wednesday, February 8, 2012

eat little men

This is an account of my first human feasting and my growth spurt.

At work on Tuesday, a man came in. This man is 27, works at Target, and has a mental disability.
He kind of just hung around the front desk area, watching and talking. He introduced himself.

"I am going to have to write a story about you now," he says.
I've never had anyone write a story about me.
"Really?" I say.
"You are going to be really tall,"
"Do you want me to stand up?"
"No, you are going to be over 150 feet tall. Very tall! Those bad guys won't have a chance."
"No, I suppose not."
"What are you going to do with them?"
"I am not sure whether I will be nice or not."

"You will eat them."
"Ohh, I will?"
this isn't a typically habit of mine.

"Are you comfortable with that?"
"I am not sure. I don't normally eat people."

He then reaches over and hands me a little man.
"Are you going to eat it?"
"I might save it for later."
"Ohhh! I saw you sneak it in! Show me you swallowed it."

We were both satisfied with my human-food-less mouth.

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