a walk down the street of main

 We are bringing back a fad. Forget the necklaces, bracelets, earrings.... Who needs to accessory when you can shimmer?

                                              Imagine a dark old house...
 You walk up the twisting stairs. The kitchen sink is filled with brown fatty water with particles floating about. Your mind goes to blood. A coffee pot is nearby and coffee spots are all over the counter. You creep past the open pantry, filled with dog food.
 A bathroom? The toliet is corroding away. If you touch something, you may die the next day. Curious Camille wants to know what is in the shower...
    No one is brave enough.
                     What if you shove the curtain, and a dead body stares back.
        What if as you turn to run, the frail-looking elderly man stands grinning at you                          - with an antique knife in hand.
                                              And so, using jittery hands, you reach over the shower curtain and take a picture.
                                               Vintage baby clothes!!

That elderly man actually seemed rather nice and mellow with average eating habits. He was quite old though. I would have been scared to touch him.


  1. This made me laugh.
    Thanks, I needed to laugh


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