overwhelming tranquility

 The pictures in this post do not really carry a particular story. Rather, I thought                        they portrayed the way I am feeling right now.

Sometimes I get filled with so much feeling. Overwhelmed, actually. I want to share with the whole world, or anyone who will listen.

 Sometimes I try, but I have found I can never truly capture these feelings, or give them to another person. They are mine, only God completely understands.

Sometimes it is hard to be content with friends not completely understanding or having the same feelings towards something. They may get little glimpses, but I wish to show them the whole artistic picture, the detail and meaning.

However, this seems to draw me closer to God. We have a special language, fellowship, and no one else can understand. We are all on different roads, God has different plans for each of us. No one is able to step into my shoes.
 This week has been crazy. I have had so much to do: school, chores, work. I am trying to catch up on homework to take as much stress as possible from next week.

I laugh when I think how exhausted I used to be without my 10 hours of sleep. Schoolwork and stress has a way of adjusting my body's sleep requirements.

5 hours, however, is not enough. I am tired, but my list of things to do keeps my mind and will running.

I am so thankful God has given me the energy to be productive these past couple of days. I am so thankful my sleeping habits have been challenged.

I am sooo thankful for the joy and peace I have, even with the pressure to get so much done.

I am so thankful I have gotten to spend more time with God this week.

I am so excited to see where God leads me in the next few years.

My prayer:

'Intimate Stranger .be. my life'!


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