This is my brother, Jared. He is the youngest of 7 girls, he is our baby. He may say he doesn't like being the only boy, but he really is spoiled and knows voice himself. He loves to be in control and he is a perfectionist. He is opinionated and strong-willed, which is needed with this indecisive family.

Lizards, toads, turtles - they all are beautiful and fascinating to him. I hope that  as he grows, bathing will become a habit - he is always sweaty from playing 
football, and you will probably find him outside during the day. I don't understand his enjoyment of WWE, but he is a fan. He loves watching television and he oftentimes has his itouch in hand.
I love him!
                                              Jared and his best friend.

                                          Happy (belated) 11th Birthday!


  1. those pictures of him with His dragon on his head make me giggle out loud..and remind me of the beetle larvae..ugh.


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