easter weekend

Easter weekend was spent with family - the best. I really enjoy the time I've gotten to be with my family lately, I cherish it more. We went bowling, then we went to a couple of museums in order to get some extra credit for my classes.

We went to a Civil War Exhibit, which was somewhat harder to get through, because there were so many facts and it was hard to follow sometimes. We ended with a Titanic Exhibit, perhaps one of the last as we heard the collection is being sold.  The titanic has always interested me - disasters have always interested me. I never want to forget history is filled with real people, that it could have been me, I want to remember them and the events.
We were each assigned to be a passenger on the Titanic. My dad didn't make it.
I however, was 1st class and survived, however lost my gloves!

San Jacinto monument - where Texas gained independence from Mexico in 1836!


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