the hunger games

I wasn't planning on reading The Hunger Games. I thought that it was stupid to read something because everyone else was, and I didn't think I would like them that much - I like Jane Austen, Jane Eyre - and I was sure this book was like all other teen-y books I have read.
But I was informed that I had to read the books, because tickets were bought for the sibling outing to the movies.
So I read them. I also enjoyed them.
During my time reading the first book, I had to keep stopping. WHY ARE ALL THESE KIDS KILLING EACH OTHER? Do something, stupid! This is depressing, why am I reading this? The second book was much better.
Not only were the tickets bought 6 weeks in advance, but we got to the movie theatre at least 4 or 5 hours in advance. I do not believe I have ever been that committed to watching a movie. The lines were never-ending!

 Our entertainment during our wait.... :)
Of course the books were better, they always are, but the movie was great. Not perfect, but they captured a lot and didn't completely ruin it, like a lot of books made into movies.


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