mesmerizing hair?

 So, I realized I haven't really done any outfit posts in a long time. So, I tried capturing a few pictures a couple of days ago... taking outfit pictures at school is difficult. I feel like I am constantly being watched!
 To make up for it, my hair was having a pretty good week. My bangs had dried with a finger-wave in it.
 I was trying to figure out why that one person from my English class .noticed. that I was dressed up. I am always dressed up for work, why noticed today?

I was also slightly amused by the guy that came into the computer lab and somehow started talking to me. He didn't just start. He didn't stop! I'm sure it must have been a good 30 minutes, during which I didn't say more then 10 words. maybe a bit more, but not much.

 I have bad hearing and he wasn't speaking very loud. so i only heard parts of our 'conversation'. If he gave me time for it, I would just repeat the last couple of words he said.

him:  "and if i got onto the wheel of fortune, i would pick my dad and grandpa. they know the prices to everything."

my response: uhhh, wrong t.v. show. "to everything?"

Then I went to youth, where I got a few comments on my hair, which lead me to decide that my hair must be attracting attention.

   I'm okay with having mesmerizing hair sometimes.... until guys who are several years older then me began to hold strange (one-sided) conversations with me. At that point, I wonder if I'd rather have wonderful hair on the days I'm at home all day.

Am I wrong with this conclusion?


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