Asir, you are a ham. The end.

Just kidding. I am not sure why I don't have as many pictures of Asir. I guess because he doesn't want to be around you if you are only going to be taking pictures, he wants to talk your ear off and show you things and he wants you to play! Asir, you are so cute and talkative, you are so timid and scared, quite stubborn and a bit spoiled too! I love being around you and watching you maintain being the center of attention. You are quite silly! We would go outside and I would put you on the window sill and you would be a lion. I would be a zoo-goer and would be in awe of your ferocious roaring! We went on a couple of walks up the giant hill and you liked the little puppy at the house on top of the hill.  I cannot wait to get to spend more time with you as you grow! :)


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