Kenna loves my sunglasses. :)

Where does she get it from?

touching her first fish!

banana cheeks!
tubing with momma as fish dance all around. :)

the day we left.
The day we left, Kenna would not allow me to hold her, cuddle with her or take pictures with her. She makes me laugh because she has such a strong personality. She knows what she wants. She can be a people pleaser and a little ham... if she feels like it. She would follow Dee around and started using the word 'Mumm-ma' with more purpose and frequency during vacation, as she is very attached. But she also is very independent, curious and a brave little 'stinker'. She loves the water. She takes after her dad: she is not much of a morning person. It would take a good hour of so of being very mellow, shy, clingy and a bit grumpy before you could interact with her. She is such a beautiful niece. I wish I could see her more often, I love her and want to watch her grow!


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