a camel from camp!

My friend Camel has been gone at a camp this summer, serving and ministering, even attending! I have missed her, it was so strange not having her always present. Now I have to get used to having her again!!
She is gorgeous, ehh? She has such a heart for children as well as camp ministry, and it was neat to hear about her summer. God answered her prayers and used her life to set an example to the kids. It was neat to hear of the relationships she formed and the impact she had! 

this girl mayyy also be the definition of cray-crazyy!
It was during these photos that some junior highers were throwing bottle caps at us, and giggling. Thank you. Thank you very much kiddos. I hope that it was a lot of fun, the highlight of your day!
In 1 Thessalonians 5:16, we are told to be joyful always. I continually associate the term 'joy' with Camille. Her life and her very evident faith shines and has made such an impact on my life. Love you, Camel!


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