banana hands!

 jessica from germany is visiting! when she came over a couple of days ago, we decided to make Mississippi Mud Pie...
 Let me tell you about this dessert. Growing up, I would always ask for lasagna, mississippi mud pie and rocky road ice cream for my birthday... ( of course it is /COMPLETELY/ different now. I had strawberry ice cream last year.) This has been a tradition for 6, 7, 8 years. When we went on vacation when I was little, we went to a ranch. We got to ride horses and spend energy outside. We also were introduced to this magical dish, and mom got the recipe!

now, because we are in america, it is not my birthday, and because i'm impatient sometimes, we (read that as 'I') decided to cheat a bit. I bought graham crust and didn't follow a recipe
. Jessica made it in Germany and made her own crust, whipped her own cream and probably milked her own cow and ground her own cocoa. :)
hahaha. speaking of dairy-laden desserts, I am trying to cut out my dairy! it has been interesting. i have not been able to completely cut it out, but so far a lot of it has. ice cream is very tempting for me, however, so I bought shorbet! best decision.

p.s. if you type in 'weird movies' into youtube, you will find a strange 'dark german techno' music video that tells the story of someone with banana hands. it makes me laugh sooo much, and i cannot get it out of my head!


  1. circles are squares, squares are circles,
    get the monkeys away from my hands!!!
    he's never had chili, ...he doesn't like chili.
    milky the pirate..

    love you Beth, and i hope you loved this random comment


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