forecast: a bride shower

the bride and her sister!
I helped prepare for this wedding shower, and got to attend it. I have 3 sisters that are married, but I don't remember too much from the wedding showers, so this was a neat experience. Shelby and Pancho had spent the summer in Ecuador visiting his family and helping with various ministries and serving. I am so glad I got to see them for a couple of weeks before they had to head back to school.
this face means....exactly what you think it means. :)
Marriage is a commitment before God. ((I was reminded at camp that it isn't about finding 'the one', putting the focus on the creation rather then the creator, but rather about finding a Godly person who you respect and commit to love). I am so excited to see how they will be able to serve God together and display God's love and grace to each other through their marriage. 
Notes of encouragement and blessings were written on stones to be given to the couple, which I thought was a great idea!

The bride's mom made cute little muffin-cup lasagnas with wonton wrappers, while my job was stuffing ice cream cones with fruit!

one of the few games we played; The Story Game, a description of the married couple's life.


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