my battle: custard's last stand.

A show down. Or a hoe-down, as Miley would say.
A challenge.

I was involved in a battle this morning.
The enemy unexpectedly showed its face around 7. I was caught off guard, but quickly vocalized for aid. As reinforcements were being located, I suprised the enemy and tried to return the surprise and enforce blockades. Neither worked. As the enemy retreat into the dark, panic settled in...

My army, of one, showed up just in time. With a massive and heavy weapon, the enemy stood no chance. He jumped and tried his best, but it only took a few blows.

I might have almost vomitted looking at the remains. It is not everyday I witness a death and am near a carcass.

I hired someone to clean up the mangled, oozing, dismembered body. The cost: a couple of slices of Chocolate Pudding Pie.


I have a confession.
I might not have been a fearless leader. I am may or may not have hypervenilated, screamed, gasped, jumped up and down.

I might have carried up some food and quickly turned around and wanted to choke at the dark lump on the floor.
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snakes, frogs, lizards, I keep as pets. I like. Cute!

no matter how cute 'it' is, i will never be able to easily handle cockroaches. i will find a way to manage, because i have a feeling i will find myself in a situation in a different country were i will need too. my current tactics involve bribling siblings and spraying the cockroachs to death with bleach and water (from a distance).

(Edited: Random thoughts. WHERE THE HECK DID CUSTARD COME FROM? I named him Custard, after. The second he died, my thought was: Custard's Last Stand. Yes. Yes, I did.

 We have fought a invasion from little beetles for a while, and I had moved everything thing on my side of the bedroom, and some of my sister's stuff as well and vaccummed the floor a crazy amount of times. WHERE? How do these insects find us?

Other side note: Sometimes I wake up during the night and shudder because I feel like I have a bug, spider, beetle crawling on me. It is typically just paranoia, I hope. I had one of those moments last night, or the night before. Now I am convinced I had a giant cockroach touching my skin. Personal space, please. Personal space!

this expression may be be stuck on my face forever, after this morning.

(Side Note: When am I justified? Is it the sin in my life? Or other factors as well? Ah! I am so wrong, so often. )
May my cry come before you, O Lord;
give me understanding according to your word.
Psalms 119:169
Direct My footsteps according to your word;
let no sin rule over me.
Psalms 119:133


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