my identity

 So, there is no better way to start a post then with awkward webcam pictures, right?
 This post is going to be about my hair. Just getting better by the second, right? ;-)
I remember being proud of the fact I had never dyed my hair, when I was younger. Then my sister started working at a hair salon, so I have gotten my hair colored-up many times. I sometimes wish I had my natural color, but ultimately I'm fine with whatever shade my hair is.
I've always been proud of the fact that I work with my natural hair texture. Sure I'll sometimes use heat on it, sure sometimes it frustrates me, but I am happy with my natural hair-happenings. Secretly, part of the fact I don't fight my natural hair is because I'm lazy. Don't go telling anyone that. ;-)
I remember telling my sister how I've always thought it would be fun to have a Julie Andrew's 'Maria' hair. We both 'argued' a bit about who had like it first, and who had dibs on doing it first. 
Sometime last year, I remember my sister asking if I would go shorter in steps so she could try out several different haircuts. I agreed.

So it happened.
Let me tell you, no amount of time will prepare you for this. I know it seems silly, such a minor thing to think about in the vast world. So many more important things going on. But I hadn't realized how attached I had been to my long hair. I went home in shock. After having my sister passionately state her feelings and my brother blatantly tell me his thoughts, I broke into tears in front of my mom. 

I've grown to like it; the low maintenance style and unique look.
However, I often find myself battle thoughts and worries; concerning what others think, perceive and judge.
I've coming to a realization that I have allowed my hair-length to define me.
No. I am glad I cut my locks off. No. . 
No. No. NO! 
I won't allow my worries and the thoughts of others to define me.
I am my Beloved's, and he is mine! I am His servant, His daughter. 


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