the scream

Let's play a game. Let us call it imagination. Remember it?

You are getting your nails done on a Monday afternoon. As you leave the spa, you notice a hair salon a couple doors down.

Of course, you have nothing else to do. Of course you are curious. Of course you want to walk into this magical building to get magically beautiful hair.

With a solid motion, you open the door and step it. A reception desk is in front of you, but there is no one to greet you. A glance at your watch tells you the time.
 "Hmm. 4:45. "

Just as you are about to turn around and exit, you hear a scream. Frozen, you wonder what it means.

A mid-height girl with short hair and a square, pale face and green eyes runs up to the desk. You see a flash of orange in her hand. You watch with amusement.

The girl has a smirk, a grin on her face, and is talking to herself.
"OH that girl! Sneaky fox!"

She briefly stops and looks around, but the room is empty.

 The orange paper square with writing on the back is given another look, as the girl remembers how it was given to her. She had been so unsuspicious, never suspecting there was a growth in it. A green wad.  
Small, unnecessary, unwanted, but purposely planted.



Thus concludes the beginning.
hmm. revenge? war? 


  1. oooh suspense
    write more please!!!!

  2. haha! I'm stupid, of course you were referring to the money i stuck in that CD case.. haha got ya!!


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