random post: makeup

 That cream foundation, above, is pretty powerful stuff. I love it and the coverage it gives.

Makeup. I'm quite glad that I work at a salon that carries Jane Iredale. It is expensive (having a discount helps a bit) but it is quality. By quality, I mean mineral makeup with no artifical dyes, no artifical scents or 'fillers' and all the foundations have SPF in them. They don't irritate and actually benefit your skin and allow it to breathe, hence why it is called the 'skincare makeup'.
The model before the pin-up tutorial.

I have a lot of friends who don't wear makeup. I do. I don't think either one is 'right' or 'wrong'. I have to wear makeup for work and I love playing with it. In fact, red lipstick is one of my favorite accessories. Yes, I always wear powder or concealor, but other then that, there are days when I don't wear it. 


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