Researching and writing my persuasive speech has led me to looking into depression.

Depression. Mental strugges can be hard to understand. Because there aren't any medical tests or 'physical dangers' involved, I feel it is easy to forget about it. Also, they are often silent struggles that we are completely oblivious to. We all have felt deep loneliness and pain. I have felt overwhelming darkness or hopelessness. I still have struggles with loneliness. It can be difficult, because no one will ever be completely able to know what you are going through. Friends can be an encouragement, or an ear, but ultimately it seems to be a battle you have to conquer on your own. Oh, but do you not know the Lord is Lord of all? He knowns your thoughts and your feelings and your struggles and feels your pain. He has conquered death and darkness. Your battle is won, and you are not on your own.

If you want some perspective, or insight, look at this website. There is a page in which people have written their feelings and descriptions of depression.


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