Speaking of lazy, a couple of weeks ago, I got hooked on watching My Princess on netflix. I finished the t.v. series with in 4 days, I just couldn't stop!

It is a quirky Korean t.v. show about a girl who finds out she is royalty, the challenges and decisions she faces, along with her changing relationship with Diplomat Park.

I also have to admit, I think that Diplomat Park was quite handsome. I loved both of these characters personalities! The t.v. show didn't always follow 'sense' or appear 'realistic', but I loved it.

It is up there with Pushing Daisies and Grimm.

Also, isn't Kim Tae-Hee gorgeous? No wonder she is titled the most beautiful women in Korea.

Okay, silly, but I think I have a girl crush on her, along with Zooey Deschanel. (Okay, I think Keira Knightley is beautiful too. )
Can you believe she is 32? She looks so young.

So, this t.v. show got me thinking about how I like Asian culture, I think. I have gotten to know many foreign exchange students well. I love my German and Georgian friends, but I also have really gotten close to my friends from Thailand and Hong Kong. I think it is amazing that despite distance and a time (3 years), we skyped with Leung over the weekend!

I was talking to a friend who had just received a book written by a man who escaped a camp in North Korea. He started an organization called L.I.N.K. I think I will have to go read it soon!


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