vanity and fingerwaves

 Yes, I am vain. I take a lot of pictures, trying to get the perfect angle, or shot. It makes it more embarrassing when you have camera troubles, and so the whole world (o.k., maybe just a few people), see the dozens of pictures you took of yourself. -.- 
Off topic, but I think I want to go a year without buying clothes! Sometimes I stare at my closet not seeing anything, when in actuality I have a ton of clothing, more than most of the world. I just need to be creative and open. 

 I LOVE FINGERWAVES. It was so upsetting to learn that they are virtually impossible to do on myself. Maybe I'll just purchase a wig to wear! 
 My life lately has been filled with school. I have such a long to-do list which stresses me out, but I am also incredibly lazy (hence the blogpost). I have been working out a bit more frequently, although it is SO hard to run when it gets so dark early and when it is cold outside. I always find myself longing for a run but never acting upon it.

Attending the beautiful wedding of Sarah Beth and Jonathan.


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