Pan pan, Megan and I were just beginning to wake up from our late night. I check my phone.

"What in the world is Mrs. Nedigk talking about?" "Maybe she has me confused with someone, or maybe someone pranked me." "Should I check?" "Maybe I will."

We walked out of the room when my dad called me.

"Bethany," he says very seriously, "we aren't going to be able to let you use our car if you park like this."

Oh no. What have I done? I don't remember parking very crooked, off the driveway or anything weird, but it was dark. 

We walk out to find my car was dangling off our drive way, door smashed in and glass spread across the pavement.

I start crying tears of relief and shock.

The car was officially declared totaled  due to the hit and run. My dad was a detective, able to hunt down quite a bit, but when he needed the police to look at the surveillance camera at the neighborhood gas station, the police shrugged it off.

I had been praying God would give me wisdom on what to do... I had money saved, should I buy a car? Save for a mission trip? For living overseas?

Car shopping was kind of fun, once we found a place in my price range. I stood up Jacob, a friend, on the first day of our dance lesson however. Talk about feeling awful! I'm thankful however, for God answered prayers and provided. I'm so thankful for my parents also.

I did end up going to dance lesson this past Sunday. I was hyperventilating before walking in. Why did I commit? It went better than I thought, however I still suck at dancing. We stepped on each other's toes a lot and had to keep stopping and restarting. Fun, fun fun!


Update. It is amazing how God provides. Looking back, although January was stressful, God had the situation the whole time. In fact, it goes back a year, to January of 2012 when I got my job at On Stage Hair Design. Through this job my car, insurance and laptop were paid for. Often I call so many situations stressful and frustration. I deem them worthy of worrying, not committing or trusting them to God who says that He knows even the  needs of the ravens and lilies.

I hold onto my doubts, questions, thoughts and concerns. They eat away at my thoughts and my feelings; taking so much energy that could be used praising and serving God. God who is the Rock and who is greater than any situation and who is with us in all circumstances.


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