I don't let negativity. I don't like shortness. I don't like lack of love. I don't like frustration.
I feel like I'm living in a world filled with all of these.

I want to be loved and be shown love.
I know I am loved. Ohhh, how I know I am loved. My Beloved loves me and I am His.

Sometimes I want that love to be manifested in relationships, through the lives of those that I am close to. In the lives of my family.

Sometimes I want to get away. To be alone.

I want to vacation by myself. I feel it is essential to my soul and to my emotions.

I need to rest in His arms. I need to find complete peace in Him. The more my life consists of my school and home, the more empty it feels. I am not longer able to get my satisfaction from keeping myself busy and around friends.
I feel trapped. Old enough to want to be independent or to want to change something but not old enough to be able to do it.

-October 2012


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