So sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time stalking other people and staying updated with the Facebook happenings of my acquaintences... instead of documenting MY OWN LIFE!

Silly, I know.

Outfit posts, thoughts, friends, events, God: where have all my posts gone?

I will briefly update you on my life for now!

Every Sunday evening, I attend a young adult gathering called LIT - love, inspire, teach. About 30 individuals eat and fellowship within someone's house. Soon though, the room echos with bold and beautiful voices as we all sit and worship through music. How is it possible that each message seems so 'real' and heartfelt?

As the group has grown, the leaders have sought ways to maintain community, hence little LIT! Everything Thursday evening, a small group gathers at my house for food, games and fellowship. It has been interesting to see what goes into hosting, as well as who shows up, what the group ends up doing. I love it though. I love being a part of people's lives, conversing and relating.

I absolutely LOVE my photography class. So time consuming... so much for that CLEP test I have been 'studying' for. I honestly would do film photography for the rest of my life is someone would pay me. Any takers?

I do wish I had more time in a week. The last week, I have gotten text messages 4 individuals about hanging out. A couple of them were very unexpected, and so I really want to follow-up and to make myself available!

I was running and doing pretty well with it. I ran a half-marathon distance in September, but the last two weeks have been terrible, between the time change, more commitments and unexpected events and school. Once again, more time please?

I love my family with a passion. Oh they keep me entertained. They have helped me in so many ways.

Also, I love my boyfriend. Brian, you are the best. Honestly, it has been the best 2,5 months ever. Thank you for being by my side and oh so patient.


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