random for me

Hmm. For future reference, when I have cravings. 

"Did you know that many conventional and commercial brands of ice cream contain car antifreeze solution? Propylene glycol is an ingredient used in many ice creams. Propylene glycol is also used in radiator fluid (antifreeze). Propylene glycol is also used in many other so-called foods, such as cup cakes commonly found and sold at most conventional super caskets (oops, I mean, super markets).

Other additives found in ice cream include Piperonal, which is used in place of vanilla. Piperonal is a chemical used to treat lice. Diethyl glucol is a cheap chemical used as an emulsifier instead of eggs. It is used in antifreeze and paint removers. Butyraldehyde is used in nut-flavored ice cream and is one of the ingredients in rubber cement. Amyl acetate is a chemical used for banana flavor. However, it is also used as an oil paint solvent. Ethyl acetate is used for pineapple flavor. However, it is mainly used in industry as a cleaner for leather and textiles. Aldehyde C17 is a chemical used to flavor cherry ice cream but is used industrially as an inflammable liquid used in aniline dyes, plastic and rubber.



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