The last few days I have been thinking of all the ways God has blessed me and meditating on everything I have been given.

Some of my journals I had contemplated burning. I pulled them out a few weeks ago and opened them - something I haven't been brave enough to do for the last couple of years. I am so glad though, my journals are a testimony to God and His grace.

My heart is thankful night because I was flipping through my prayer journal when I was struck by God's faithfulness and how He has always, always, always heard my cries and provided!

On 6/14/09, I asked for a friend that I could trust in that loves the Lord. It was during this time that Megan came into my life.

On 12/28/12, I was questioning why we only go out, serve and 'pray and give to strangers' on Christmas and why my daily lifestyle is filled with selfishness. It was a few months later that Brian introduced me to the ministry of CHOP.

On 3/16/13, I prayed for opportunities to build relationships and to minister to the international students. I met a young girl by the name of Zen, and just recently my church has spoken of starting a ministry that reaches out to international students!

In the Spring of 2013, I prayed for opportunities to share my faith, and I got to share my testimony to my coworker and a friend!

God is so faithful. All of the times I have gotten caught up in my life, or stressed out, or comfortable and failed to recognize and praise Him!

After much time and prayer, a final decision was made last Friday, August 30th. Honestly, the last few days have felt like a dream. I am not sure what I am doing or what this looks like. I have built up so many walls and suspicions that it is now hard to get beyond them and to be vulnerable.

 Even when I have fears or insecurities, God reminds me to trust Him. He is enough.


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