He says

He says that we must lose ours life, we must die to ourselves. (Matthew 10:39, Luke 9:23).....
                      But He gives us eternal life in return!

He says we may lose our family, our family may forsake us (Matthew 10:35)
                      But He, our heavenly Father, gives us brothers and sisters!

He says we may have to give up our possessions, we can't seek money and material (Mathew 19:21)
                       But He gives us treasure that does not fade away! (Luke 12:33)

He says give freely of what you have. (Luke 6:30)
                     But we have been shown grace and mercy!

He says we must love unconditionally everyone we encounter (Mark 12:31, Luke 6:35)
                      But He has shown us such overwhelming and boundless love.

He says we may not have a place to sleep.
                      But He says He provides and cares for even the birds.

He says we may get harmed and beaten. (Luke 6:28)
                       But we are secure in the arms of Christ and we can look to those before us.



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