God has blessed me. For the past couple of years I have always said I wanted a job. Only once did I ever get the courage to go and apply somewhere. I kept putting it off and over analyzing where to apply. I was praying about it, when God gave me my first 'official' job unexpectedly!

I didn't have apply or interview. I had met my first boss under very informal circumstances, through my sister. She contacted me a few weeks later.

She was a wonderful and fantastic boss: patient, kind, and professional.

The boutique she owned was located in a hair salon. Soon I was working under two bosses, combining two different jobs. However, the atmosphere changed as well, I couldn't avoid certain things as easily. I was frustrated, but scared to quit. Where would I get a source of income from? It really wasn't that bad, maybe it was just me?

A sibling late one night made a joke, suggesting I apply at the workplace of my sister. My sister responded, saying they were hiring. The next day I ended up applying, soon followed by a interview. I didn't think I would actually get it, but I did.

I still questioned whether I was doing the right thing. Being mocked by a grown man was hard to take . Although it hurt and shocked me, a lot more than I would like to admit, God showed me that He knew everything, and that it was time for me to leave the job.

I am so thankful for every job I have had, be it babysitting, house cleaning or answering phones.

God has shown me He has perfect timing.

I am plagued by insecurities sometimes, but I love my job so much. The people are kind, the atmosphere is fun yet professional and I am learning so much.

God is good.

copied 4/7/13 from an old journal entry


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